A downloadable game for Windows

A Superman Style Flight Experience (UE5)

This project was built simply as a test for what a future Superhero game like Superman might be like in a large scale modern city running on UE5. I dream of a modern Superman game and with the release of UE5, seemed like fertile ground for some experimentation with the amazing packages Epic has made available. 

This game uses Epic's The Matrix Awaken's Project City and replaces the character with a flying superhero variant of my own design using other marketplace assets. 
This was a quick thrown together test, there could be any number of issues and problems, but I am putting it out there for anyone who is keen to give it a go. Also, for legal reasons, this character isn't Superman and I have made sure this is totally free.

Please note that this is an incredibly heavy game and lower end PC's will struggle potentially. Even on a 3090 I have run into streaming issues...  
Again, this is based on Epic's Matrix Demo, just for fun, and I haven't done any kind of optimisation myself, it's just plug and play. 

Either way this is just for those of us who one day dream of a Superman open world game, I hope this scratches that itch a little bit for now. 

And no, I am not currently working on this in any major compacity further, again, just for fun and I have other commitments, but may consider revisiting in the future. 



Shout out to Alec Shea for helping me with some SFX work, check him out
Itch: https://slaleky.itch.io/ Twitter: twitter.com/slaleky Music Links: bio.to/AlecShea


ASupermanFlightExperienceLINK.zip 258 kB


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is ugly body change it

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can we get a black suit version without the cape and underwear...the cape clipping does break the impressiveness a bit, although I know this is an experimental project, m just having too much fun with it, hence thought of putting a request, nonetheless thanks for making this, loving every second of it

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Upload it on Telegram by splitting in ZIP and share Telegram Link insted of mediafire. It will be more easy and fast to download aswell.

My dodge isnt working somebody help

Hi, can you make some linux version, or some code/bp/whatever to be able to port it to linux?
I have 0 knowledge of UE5.

How can I get it for Mac?

how do i unistall it

You can simply delete the folder, there is nothing to uninstall.

whenever i try to extract it .... it juat  show me this??.....whats the matter?

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Try extracting it with 7-Zip. If you still have problem, your download might be incomplete or corrupted.

[EDIT] I just noticed that your antivirus is turned off in your screenshot, you don't need to do that for the extraction to work.

[EDIT2] If you download 7-Zip, you can run a SHA-256 on the downloaded zip file. It should be : E22C3E4C8637C56ED7AA649B5A7522C7EC233526703E6FCD5962503AAF6343CE

   now it's saying this bruh...  :) 

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My folder "ASupermanFlightExperience\Windows\CitySample\Content" contain 2 folders. A folder "Splash" with only one image file inside for a size of 2 880 138 bytes. A folder "Paks" with 5 files for a size of 19 000 321 230 bytes. Are you sure you have all the files and that they are of the correct size ?

[EDIT] If you installed the 7-Zip program, you should right-click the ASupermanFlightExperience.zip file, select "CRC SHA" and then "SHA-256". The result of the SHA-256 should be exactly "E22C3E4C8637C56ED7AA649B5A7522C7EC233526703E6FCD5962503AAF6343CE" without the quotes. If if is a different value, your download is corrupted/incomplete and you need to download it again.

It's corrupted ig :')

You did your SHA-256 on the extracted folder, the one i provided is for the ASupermanFlightExperience.zip file downloaded directly from the link in the text file. The values would not be the same even if it was not corrupted.

However, I see in your screenshot that the size of your folder is too small. So downloading it again will probably fix the problem. Make sure you compare the SHA-256 after you finish redownloading the zip file by doing it on the zip file itself. It should be identical to mine.

Why does it take so long? Windows 10 64 bit 280 gb and it takes a century

Do you have a decent graphics card and enough memory? My demo works good with an   i7.


Can you also add a magnet link for a torrent to the README file?


add a homosexual feminine male character which fly as well or a custom vccharacter so i mold it for myself please

That's stupid and nobody care's 


since many games they added homosexuals males yes they care and we even have homosexuals feminine males games sex  with 3 d graphics and they are very beauty so yes they care


i can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not


uh, (question) how do you launch the game downloaded it but there is no launch button pls fix this.


This is a multiple steps process :
1. Download the file "ASupermanFlightExperienceLINK.zip" from this website
2. Extract the files
3. Open the "READ ME.txt" file
4. Copy the link that is in the file in your internet browser
5. Click the blue button "DOWNLOAD (17.74GB)"
6. Now you need to wait for the file "ASupermanFlightExperience.zip" to finish downloading, it may take a while depending on your internet speed
7. Extract the files
8. Launch the "ASupermanFlightExperience\Windows\CitySample.exe" file

how do i unistall it

It is not a program that is installed. You can delete the ASupermanFlightExperience folder if you want to free up some space.


Noob question - How do you launch the game? I downloaded it, but there's no "open the game" button in the directory

Right click on "CitySample.exe" and click run as administrator.

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BTW this dude is stealing your work and sells it as his own work.
he also deletes every comment mentioning your site
(his video got already 850.000 views)


To be fair, the whole city is part of the Unreal Engine City Sample. The creator of this superman game work consisted mostly of the coding of superman and compiling the game. The other creator you have shown did a different superman with a different model and different animation. It is the same concept but I doubt he stole anything.

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This "Superman UE5" is only 3 Unreal Engine assets from the marketplace.

  1. City Sample by Epic Games.
  2. Superhero Flight Animations by Indie-us Games
  3. Superhero Constructor by BL

It's a 5 minute mesh swap and drop the character in the level amount of work that even my grandmother can do with minimal UE4/5 knowledge. He's not stealing this guy's work because there is no "work" to be stolen. Don't assume things you don't know.

In fact, SHEOL from the video you linked seems to have done even more work on their project because there's a FPP camera mode and a sonic boom midflight and the locomotion animations are from Hammerhead whose Flight Animations are arguably better than Indie-us' IMO... and in a later video, heat vision and vehicle destruction.

Grandmas are pretty adept nowadays so that's not very surprising.


I am amazed how many are saying it won't run, it has to be because of slow drives or poor GPUs.  As I said it runs great on my Dell XPS Tower which only has an i7 and GTX 1080 and 32 GB RAM.  I just set up a Corsair Vengeance with an i9 and RTX 3080 Ti, can't wait to try this on this new rig.

i dont see the dowloan

I tried it and it is very cool! I think I will enjoy this more than I would have if it was the original Matrix demo. Has anyone figured out how to change the time of day or the speed at which it cycle (if it does) ?

i dont see the dowloan for the game i just downloaded a picture


see the readme file, it countais the link to the download


Mechanics are great. I've read that Warner Bros will not continue the Batman Arkham franchise and will make a new Superman game instead. but the game has not been released for a long time. I think you can complete this game before them and make a great superman game. The game will be more awesome after adding some story and enemies. please keep improving this game. maybe Warner Bros can see your efforts. And he can offer you to work in his own game studio.

im not waiting 15 HOURS to download a demo game, hope the game launchs on steam cause i got no sanity at all to wait all day for that shit

15 hours for a 17 gigabyte game?

yeah for some reason any game via google takes so long to download, but games on steam takes less a minute, thats why i hope they launch it on steam

download it through epic app you open the app then click unreal engine its in there itll download faste

i cant find it, whats the name of it?

Lovely, thanks! Matrix City runs smoothly on i9 12900k, rtx3080 12gb vram (OC), 64 gb ram.

Of course the motion blur is a question of acquired taste lol

Downloading now. This is gonna be awesome. Was just playing Superman Returns on OG Xbox because outside of the game being trash, its really the only way to fly around decent as supes. Yours looks way better so heres to hoping it runs good on my laptop lol. Will report back after.

Wow. Runs great for me. This is so fun. Matrix city surprisingly runs same as optimized city for me. Every now and then a fast hiccup but smooth nonetheless.

Specs: RTX 3060 6GB, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, 16GB Ram. 

dose it run white tis specs invidia 1650 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz   3.10 GHz 8.00 GB 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

I have a Geforce gtx 1070 , i7 ,hp Omen  , Windows 11 laptop connected to an hdmi 4k tv and it runs fine.

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It's a very ambitious game. However I can't give this anything over 1 out of 10.

It stalls my game to an unplayable hault, making this seem more like a 'drunk-superman' simulator, than an actual demo, let alone a game with a concept in the works. Unless you have a better way to increase fps, the audience for the game is going to be miniscule.

It's not really you, it's the Unreal Engine 5 as it is, it just commands a gpu that not everybody has, and we can't expect everybody to own a good pc to run the game. My pc is very good and still couldn't run it, even the videos showing the gameplay demo I can tell they're fps took a crucifying.

With that being said, I wish I could run the game as it looks very impressive visually.

Your PC might be good what parts are in your rig?  Also Why give a it a 1 out of 10 review???  He said this would be a niche audience and that most PC rigs won't be able to play this properly. So instead of leaving not so positive feedback just move along this most likely isn't for your PC even my 1080ti would struggle a lot with this but my 3090ti can handle it.

"Please note that this is an incredibly heavy game and lower end PC's will struggle potentially. Even on a 3090 I have run into streaming issues...   Again, this is based on Epic's Matrix Demo, just for fun, and I haven't done any kind of optimisation myself, it's just plug and play. 

Either way this is just for those of us who one day dream of a Superman open world game, I hope this scratches that itch a little bit for now."


I was able to run it fine on a 3070 ti, someone else said it runs on a 3060. Maybe your PC is just trash, that's not the developer's fault.


If anyone wants to recreate this exact demo on their own you can put together these 3 marketplace assets:




The superhero flight animations are really really good and even includes the blueprints for the flying movement character controller!

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZp-h-RneA5jCxQtP25uMA/videosBonjour! je me permet de poster un commentaire sur la démo de superman que j'ai pu tester et si cela vous intéresse, je suis entrain d'en publier une avec mes impressions sur cette démo ! 

En ce qui concerne la configuration pour jouer sur cette démo,  il me semble avoir vu qu'il faut compter sur une rtx 3070 minimum.

Bien sur avec une configue moins haute , peut  être que le jeu peut tourner et cela difficilement je pense:) 

Pour le 16go cela passe normalement !

Je vous met le lien de ma  chaine youtube si vous souhaitez y faire un tour et vous abonné , vous êtes les bienvenues Cordialement !!


wouldn't wipe my dick with this tbqh


It wouldn't reach anyway

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17.7 GB of download size xD wow


when i start the game it opens up a folder and i have no clue what to do.


Read the ReadMe, it will give you instructions...

thank you

3050 ti laptop gpu got 30 fps on the starting place, but in both maps it gets less than 10 fps


maybe because you're using a 3050 ti

RTX 3050, sorry.

I guess it would choke on my rig Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB with an GTX 1650 OC

You mentioned marketplace assets. For the landing VFX, did you use the Superhero Flight Animations pack? I have been looking for some similar effects for non-superhero abilities but didn't purchase because the pack was mostly about the animations and called out the effects were fairly simple. However, they look great in this game if thats what you used. 


Hmm I could use this for my ape.

it probably would

was idea made by superman returns? well that was great game i hope u will search it on and add some elements from that game


Now the only question is: Who will make this accessible in VR? :3


yo mom :3


Please Break the down to 3 gb slices 

I've tried like 5 times to get it and it keeps cutting out 
my internet sucks shit bags.

I purchased Pico-8 and they gave the option to download  though Legal Torrenting 

by breaking the file into smaller peaces and using the torrenting
a lot of folks can get this much quicker. please consider the idea

thank you

I accidentally flew into a bus and knocked it clean off the interstate and down onto the road below! Just amazing.

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I can't believe how well this runs on my Dell XPS with an i7 and GTX 1080 on a 27" Dell 4K monitor (on M2 drive).  What is the difference between the two cities?  I can't notice any difference?  Ah, I see now; it's the size, Matrix City is ginormous.

(1 edit)

Is the linked 17GB zip the pure game or the full Unreal Engine project folder?

It's a runtime game only.  Works very well for me.


Did test it now and it's really cool (although there is not sound for Superman's movement.) :D Although the fps is not extremely high even on my 3090 (in the non-optimized version)

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